Boot a Synology NAS, Backup Files & Shutdown

I have a server that’s on 24/7 and i have a NAS that is only required to be on to backup the video files from the 24/7 server, so i finally sat down to automate it..

Apps Required:

Wake On Lan Command Line


MS RichCopy


Pushbullet with the pushbullet-cli

backup.rcx is the RichCopy Profile i made (Only copies new files, Purges any old files, Creates a new log file to push to a device)

@echo off

::Wake Server
echo Waking NAS 

WolCmd.exe MAC_ADDY BroadCast_IP SUBNET 9

::wait 90secs for bootup
echo Waiting 1:30 for NAS to boot
@sleep 90

::map x: drive to nas
net use x: \\NAS_IP\PATH

::start richcopy
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Rich Tools\RichCopy 4.0\richcopy.exe" /PF C:\BackupVideos\backup.rcx

tasklist /FI "IMAGENAME eq richcopy64.exe" 2>NUL | find /I /N "richcopy64.exe">NUL
if "%ERRORLEVEL%"=="0" goto RUNNING

echo *** Waiting for RichCopy to finish copy ***
@ping -n 10>nul

echo *** RichCopy Finished ***

::Disconnect x: drive

net use x: /delete

::shutdown server
echo Shutting down server
plink NAS_IP -l root -pw ADMIN_PASSWORD poweroff

::Send complete push

c:\Python34\Scripts\pb.exe -d "DEVICE" LOG_FILE_LOCATION

Pushbullet from the Command Line on Windows

Get a Pushbullet account

Download Python for Windows from Here

Get the pushbullet-cli files from here

Install Python and make sure you install pip with it

Unzip the pushbullet-cli files to a directory on your hard drive

Launch a command prompt, Hold Shift while right clicking in Windows Explorer (Where the pushbullet-cli files are located), Select Launch a command prompt here

In the command prompt, type ‘py install’, wait for it to do it’s thing

Once done, cd to C:\Python34\Scripts (Or wherever you installed Python), and run pb.exe, it will ask for your Pushbullet Account Token, can be found here, paste the token and your good to go.

pb.exe commands

Push stdin to all devices:

$ echo “hello” | pb

Push text to all devices:

$ pb burritos
$ pb -a “I love burritos”

Pick a device to push to:

$ pb -d “iPhone” iPhones cannot eat burritos

Interactively decide which device:

$ pb -i Make sure you remember to eat a burrito

Push links:

$ pb [-a/-d/-i]
$ pb [-a/-d/-i]

Push files:

$ pb [-a/-d/-i] /path/to/burrito_photo.jpg
$ pb [-a/-d/-i] /path/to/burrito_recipe.txt

Push to all subscribers of channel:

$ pb -c “CHANNEL” Why burritos are better than tacos


You should use one of the three flags -a, -d or -i to specify a device.

-a will push to all devices.
-d [name] will push to a specific device by name.
-i will prompt you to choose to which device you want to push.
-c [name] will push to a specific channel by name.
The first time you run this, you’ll be asked for your API key, which will be saved in ~/.pushbulletkey.

More info here

Clara Oswald <3

“Fear doesn’t have to make you cruel or cowardly… fear can make you kind. It doesn’t matter if there’s nothing under the bed or in the dark, so long as you know it’s ok to be afraid of it. So, listen. If you listen to nothing else, listen to this. You’re always going to be afraid, even if you learn to hide it. fear is like… a companion. A constant companion, always there. But that’s ok. Because fear can bring us together. Fear can bring you home”

Saying goodbye..

Today, today i had to say goodbye to a mate, a mate I lost contact with over the last couple of years, a mate I will never forgot, a mate who went through the same shit that i did, a mate who I could of helped, I should of helped, a mate I let down..

Colin you will always be in my heart, i will never ever forget you..

If anyone needs to talk to someone, my phone will always be on for you, please remember that..

You were fuckin’ perfect to me..

Never selling a car privately again…

Just logged into the Forester Forum i am on, and saw this..

Well she still has iacv issues so thats the top of the list right now. Quite pissed was told by the last owner it was fixed. Genuine ones gonna set me back a couple of hundred. Anyone have a reconditioned pre 1998 iacv?

Which is quite disappointing as well this person test drove the car on the night of picking it up, didn’t notice any issues with the car, drove it home the 1500 odd km’s the next day, didn’t say anything about any issues to me about it, when he texted me about rego (that’s a different story) He was actually quite pleased with the car.

Really grinds my gears when you get slagged of something that could of happened after you drove the car away, I had no issues with the car for the 2 years i had it, so not sure why i am responsible for what happens after it leaves my house..

Now i know why i just trade in cars instead of selling privately..

Just bought a WRX, traded in the my old Calais, also no longer require my older Forester, so i decide to place a Ad on a car forum to sell it..


hey bro. if this is the car I think it is, im keen as a bean will you take 7k? and can you send pics>



I’m at work at the moment, some pics can be found in the build thread here: <link>

I’ll take 7k for it, or 8k with the VF35 turbo, Ultrex STi bonnet scoop (not painted), MoMo steering wheel and black 18″ rims that are on it..


After some negotians, we agree on a price with all the included extra’s


ok no worries,

Are you willing to put a deposit down on the car, just so i can list it as sold,




im not gonna commit to it that much because of the distance and Ive been screwed around with an interstate deposit before. if it sells my loss. thanks mate

lost 500 bucks to some dude in Canberra when he sold it under my nose even after a deposit

Did i mention this person want’s to come from South Australia to buy the car, the car is in New South Wales

Later on I’m at work, i get bombarded with texts from him to my phone (not allowed phones at work), then i get this from him


Hey mate not sure if youve been getting my messages, the day id like to pick it up provided its still available is 29th of jan at 6k(?) No parts extra just the car. Wondering if rims come with the car also and if it is at all possible to have a mate few and test drive the car. Cheers look forward to hearing from you



I am working on Thursday the 29th, will have to leave home at about 1pm that day

It will be coming with the 04 XT rims

Someone can come look at it

It currently doesn’t have rego on it, So if you want it with the NSW rego it will be $7000 (10 months rego) Costing me $800 to put on, and once you get back to SA you can cancel it and get the refund (not sure what it will be), or $6500 without rego and you will have to arrange a Unregistered Vehicle Permit, it has a valid pink slip which i got done about a week ago.

I’m selling it because i bought a WRX and don’t see myself ever getting around to fixing it up how it should be, it is just going to be sitting in the garage collecting dust and cobwebs




Alright easy im keen as a bean and can place a deposit next monday

Today he messages me again


Hey man, What insurance company are you with and whats your agreed value?
Just called just car for a quote and they only offered 6k for the agreed value :/


Only ever had bomb insurance on it, didn’t really see the point in paying a huge amount of money for it..


I think its worth more then 6 though. that’s really quite frustrating and throw quite a curveball into my decision. ill let you know if I can get a better quote.


Try Shannons.


Wont cover me cause of my age and previously lost my licence

Unless i can get a higher agreed value will you take 6.5 with rego?




I understand your want for a higher price then what insurance is saying and but for whatever reason if its written off on the way home i will lose money on it, know what i mean? 6500 with rego and ill put a deposit down.


So it’s ok for me to loose money on it then you..

The price that was agreed to was $7000, take it or leave it, i am in no rush to sell the car..

Until such time until a deposit is placed for the car i will no longer be discussing this matter.



Alright mate i wasnt trying to be rude or anything sorry if i came across that way.

7k with rego provided my pay goes in wednesday ill be there thursday morning if not whats the latest in the arvo we can meet?

So in between this i had another person who was also from South Australia messaging me about the car, really trying to low ball me, not sure if it was the same guy or not..


hi there. is this car still available?




Would you consider 5500 with no rego or spare bits?


$6800 is the price without rego


I can scrape up to 6. Thanks anyway

Today after me blowing up the first person, i get this


Hey mate will you take 6500 with rego?


no, $7250 is the lowest i will go..

No reply from them, heh seems like it might of been the same person..

So after all that, this is where we are, not sure I am really interested in selling the car to him now, as i am really over it..

Finally built up the courage…

And it was a failure..

For as long as i can remember, I have always had a issue with my left eye.. Hasn’t bothered me much, i just potter along at my pace..

My first memory of this being a issue was when my mum took me to the Sydney Eye Hospital to get it checked out, and they wanted to stick something in my eye, well me being young freaked out and ran out of that place, ever since then I have had a phobia of optometrists, and haven’t been to one since.

As i now have my own son, I finally built up the courage to get things looked at, see if my problem could be passed down to him. As it turns out the answer is no, which is a relief, but i had my hopes up that what was wrong with me could be corrected with some kind of surgery.

It has turned out that my eye problem is in fact a birth defect which cannot be corrected in any way with current technologies, as my macular has formed in the wrong spot and is being pinched by the retina.

And well that’s that.. Today’s lesson is don’t get your hopes up..