To protect a door from dog scratches, place a plastic, metal, or fiberglass scratch screen in front of the door to absorb the damage. Use office chair mat, magnets, and glue to put a barrier between your dog and your door. Dip a putty knife into wood filler and scoop out as much as necessary to make repairs. ... JOHN: Listen, I have some six-panel pine doors. Dogs and cats still haven’t figured out how to open doors, but that’s never stopped them from trying. You can protect the bottom of the door by screwing a metal kick plate to it, and you can shield the door’s weather strip by fixing a piece of vinyl lattice to the door … The Claw Shield is designed to protect your doors against even the most aggressive scratcher. Pet scratch … Prevent the habit in the first place. eAsy to cut and size, the Claw Shield is versatile and can even be applied to furniture, screen doors and moldings. But before you do anything about the problem, you first need … Wipe down the sanded areas with a tack cloth to remove sand particles. The scratching and barking habit never developed. Over time, it helps train your pet pals to stop the damage. Dogs scratching sills and doors, your furniture and floors can get expensive. ANSWER: How to Remove Dog Scratches From a Wood Door Place a drop cloth under the door to protect the flooring. Super tough door guard protects the wood. Lightly sand the scratches and the area around them. How to stop your dog from scratching at the door. Installs in under a minute, no tools required. TOM: OK. JOHN: And my dog, when he was a pup, he thought that the way to get out of the house was to scratch the doors. 1. Made of clear, industrial plastic, the Claw Shield will protect your doors from deep grooves. There are quite a few different brands and sizes to choose from for different types of doors such as a wood or metal door. Install a Scratch or Door Guard. If you prevent a problem from starting, the dog will never even think of doing it. Gel stains work well for matching the existing finish. Its good to take some protective steps to keep your wooden surfaces looking good no matter how excited your pets might get when birds or squirrels land in front of the window. ... You’re not physically getting rid of the divot or the scratch but it makes the appearance go away. Shield your home from scratching dogs or cats by creating a durable barrier between your pal and doors, furniture, walls, windows and more! Door Shield protector for dog scratching and clawing at the door. Another thing you can do to prevent your doors from the dogs scratching at them, is to install a door guard made of either heavy plastic or vinyl. Claw Shield Toughest Dog Scratch Protector. Dogs scratching your sills and doors ? Learn how to repair scratches in a wood door. Protect your doors and home from overeager claws with the CLAWGUARD home protection products. Wood door repair is a skill that you need to learn, especially if you have a pet cat or dog. Sand down the scratches. My own dog Ace never had the opportunity to scratch at the door because I almost always took him outside on a slip leash. Made in the USA. Mask shallow claw marks and scratches in wood doors with stain and varnish. 3. These animals love to scratch surfaces, and your wood door will not be spared from their sharp nails and claws.