Specialization, along with the complementary concept of the division of labor, occurs when the innate inequalities of human productive output … D) the difference in resource endowments throughout the world. International trade - International trade - Simplified theory of comparative advantage: For clarity of exposition, the theory of comparative advantage is usually first outlined as though only two countries and only two commodities were involved, although the principles are by no means limited to such cases. Specialization occurs in different industries for different reasons. Do specialization and trade benefit more than one party to a trade? Learning Objectives. The TPP included new trade … b. Society and businesses cannot know everything and therefore need specialists with practical experience to help and guide us.” Here are seven reasons for international trade: 1. Learn that differences in autarky prices (terms of trade) coupled with the profit-seeking motive and the absence of transportation costs induce international trade. Businesses specialize in producing one type of good or service. The outcome of international specialization and trade is equivalent to a nation having more and/or better resources or discovering improved production techniques. ... Why do business specialize? C) diminishing returns to a variable factor of production. B) higher trade restrictions imposed by a national government. “The effects of specialization is such a broad concept that it touches upon almost everything in our daily life. What are most organisations broken into? Trade policy Larger outputs of both products become available to both nations. One reason for international specialization is _____ A) a high world price for a good. 2.9 The Motivation for International Trade and Specialization. Specialization according to comparative advantage results in a more efficient allocation of world resources. International specialization means that different countries of the world specialize in producing different goods. This is just one of the reasons AIU offers specialization tracks within the information technology degree program to help ensure the courses you take while completing your degree can help you prepare for the various challenges and possibilities of the job market. International trade is an activity of strategies importance in the development process of a developing economy. One of those questions is a. c. How are the gains from trade shared among the parties to a trade? Specialization allows people to produce the best product or service. In this way, they can use capital and labour efficiently. international trade also discussed. Is it absolute advantage or comparative advantage that really matters?  The countries involved were Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, and Vietnam. It results in saving of money for the company because due to specialization company does not have to incur expenses on training because if worker is moved from one job to another then he or she needs to be trained for doing a task but in case of specialization since worker is not moving anywhere there is no need to train him or her. d. Is it possible for specialization and trade to increase total output of traded goods? Reduced dependence on your local market. And our natural urge for specialization is also one of the main reasons why professional services exist. The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was negotiated between the United States and 11 other countries—all of which border the Pacific—and it aimed to enhanced trade and investment among the TPP partner countries.