Stereo Install

Well over the past few months have been collecting bits & pieces to finally have a decent stereo system in the Calais, as it had bluetooth installed by a previous owner and at the time was not going to fuss with installing amps & subs in it, i was looking at getting the stock headunit modified to be able to play music from a iPod, But as this was going to cost around $500 and i found a awesome headunit for the same price, i decided to get that instead.

And of course getting a new head unit meant getting new amps & subs to run in the car, Due to needing all the space in the boot, I opted to get a Pioneer Space-Saving Amplified Subwoofer, for a enclosure that is only 8cm thick it sure does pack a punch.

Goodbye Forester, Hello Calais

Well it was a hard decision to make, but i finally decided to sell the forester… It had served me well for the past 4 years, Didn’t get what i wanted for it.. But i guess that is life…

Last picture of the Forester

About 3 weeks after selling the Forester, i finally found the perfect car i wanted.. a 2005 Holden Calais.. Silver with Black leather interior.

First modification i did, was remove the crappy Holden by Design rims & replace them with VE SS rims