The Week That Was – Ending 10-2-2010

This week was pretty boring, except for some bits i’m not impressed about.

Saturday: A person of Asian decent, who i am guessing couldn’t see because they were smiling or something, ran up the back of my car. Lucky for them, it wasn’t the Forester, but just the shitty excel i bought for driving to work and such. Basically my shoulder is now fucked and going to physio 3 times a week to fix it. Well there is no external damage to the excel, but it’s stuck at work due to the fact i cant drive stick at the moment, will take it to a panel beaters in the near future to see what extent the damage is..

Sunday: Started holidays, but due to the fact of the above incident, all the plans i had for the 2 weeks off have now been canned.. and on relaxation

Monday: Found some ghetto scum bag house fuck wit had decided that no one can have nice things and keyed the 2nd love of my life.. 2 panels on my forester have been vandalised. Here is hoping some polish can fix that, but also cant be done until my arm is better.. grrr

Lets hope next week is better