Facebook Rant #1

Ohh how i love Facebook.. You swear on there you get chastised, You retaliate & you get moderated by your own mother, You take care of the problem, and the person then deletes you.. Could of saved me all the hassle and just deleted me in the first place..

Just remember the things i write on facebook are my own, and i do not need anyone to tell me how to act on there, It’s your choice to add me or accept that friend request, but you can quite clearly see after a few days of being my friend you could see how i am on the “social network” if you do not agree then please remove me, if you do not agree with my views

Now fuck off cunts… I’m going to bed, 2 more morning shifts to go.. 🙂

Rant: Dickhead Drivers

Dickhead drivers who in the process of overtaking you will come to basically riding your backside and then pull into the other lane, even though the other lane is empty..

What’s with that, do you think your POS car is better then mine and by doing this your showing your masculinity and to tell your mates OMG i totally showed up this forester tonight, it was fully sik..

Is The Gov’t Really About Road Safety?

If the NSW Gov’t was really serious about road safety on our roads, Instead of rolling out millions of speed camera around the place, how about police all the other idiotic things people do on the roads instead..

• Sitting in the right hand lane with ample space in the let lane
• Changing lanes without indication
• Tailgating
• Exiting from a road from the far right lane and cutting off other road users
• Running red lights
• Ignoring pedestrian crossing
• Doing way under the speed limit and sitting in the right lane

There has to be a time, when the Gov’t comes clean about there “Safety Campaigns” and admit that they are just trying to make a quick dollar from us road users..

Just last night, someone was killed because they were reversing down the M5, WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THAT.. The motorway is 110k’s an hour.. And this person was killed, seriously injured another road user, all because they missed the exit they wanted to take?

Instead if the Gov’t rolled out more police to patrol roads instead of camera’s which only see one side of the story, A stern warning by a police officer would make a effect on someone then a fine arriving in the mail.

But of course they ain’t going to do anything about it, while speeding is making them millions as it is..

Also, I forgot to mention that according to Sunday’s newspaper, that only 46% of road deaths are due to speed? Well what is the other 54% from?

Tiz be a sad state we live in KK