Saying goodbye..

Today, today i had to say goodbye to a mate, a mate I lost contact with over the last couple of years, a mate I will never forgot, a mate who went through the same shit that i did, a mate who I could of helped, I should of helped, a mate I let down..

Colin you will always be in my heart, i will never ever forget you..

If anyone needs to talk to someone, my phone will always be on for you, please remember that..

You were fuckin’ perfect to me..

The Month That Was – Ending 12-03-2010

This month has to be the shittiest month ever..

Found out that the ex-wife’s Godfather passed away suddenly whist doing his job, at the young age of 57, he will always be in our hearts and will never forget, will never forgot what he said to me on my wedding day to settle my nerves…

“Don’t worry about those inlaws, worry about me i’m the godfather..

On the day of the funeral I had a phone call from my sister to advise me that my grandfather had passed away… The bad thing is that i was standing in the exactly the same location as when my sister had called me 6 years earlier about my nan passing away.. So i think the ftont porch of the inlaws house is a bad location to be standing when taking phone calls from my sister..

So we attend the funeral for my pop, and my uncle was giving the eulogy and quote pop:

Pop: Why havent you polished your shoes
Uncle: Why? they will just get dirty again..

Later that night at the dinner table..

Uncle: Where is my dinner?
Pop: Why eat for? your just going to get hungry again..

So i think that quote summarises my pop in so many ways.. Will always miss you pop.. Hope you are looking over us with Matty & nan, keeping us out of trouble..

The day after pop’s funeral, Have to rush my beloved wife Carolyn to hospital once again due to previous encounters with the shitty NSW Health Service & the incompetent staff they have. So looks like she will be spending t least 2-3 months again in that hell hole.. Just wish the staff would learn some respect, sick of seeing all these posters around craping on about bullshit, where 9 times out of ten people get the shits and loose it is because the staff themself dont have no respect for the people who they are caring for..

#NSWHealth – I know they say people should respect NSW Health Staff, but how about the staff respect us aswell.. 2 way street…

Also annoys me, that people are so self centred in there own little worlds that they cant see what is happening around them, And you cant say you weren’t told, it’s a digital world.. You posts something on twitter or facebook, it’s out there.. So start being a good friend and ask what is going on with your so called best friend or maybe that is acquaintance

At Liverpool Hospital with Carolyn. Looks like it will be a long night 🙁

Wishes some people would pull there head out of there arse and realise there is more going on then just in there own little world..

So on another note, i got myself a new Laptop.. it’s awesome, it’s a Toshiba Qosmio x500 to replace the beloved Macbook Pro which has served me well over the past 4 years tech specs are below of the new beast are here

I think that is enough ranting this time, Will try and post something soon..


RIP Phil