They then destroyed an occupied structure, which was part of the homeless … Albany Bulb kvenegas1 The Albany Bulb was created to be a landfill for companies to dump their unwanted materials. Discover Albany Bulb in Albany, California: An "anarchical" no man's land, complete with garbage sculptures and a hobo-run "Landfillian Library. Report to Albany City Council: the first 90 days July 2 – September 23 Activities To-Date The Berkeley Food and Housing Project (BFHP), in partnership with staff of the Solano Community Church (SCC), began formal outreach and engagement activities to persons residing in the Albany Bulb on July 1, 2013. When we moved to the Albany Bulb, a new life began for both of us. Holy Hikes’ Liturgical Hike Presiders: The Rev. Albany resident Kristin Kilian-Lobos spoke about the danger of ignoring the use of drugs on the Bulb. The Bulb is located about 4 miles from the UC Berkeley campus on a small peninsula that juts into the San Francisco Bay. After a while, a homeless community established itself there. It seems preposterous to call residents who have often been in place a decade as "homeless." Now, the City of Albany is sterilizing the Bulb to become a State Park! These Bulb-denizens took joy and pride in developing their own amenities and beautifying their trash-pile island with mural, stencil, graffiti and sculpture art. The bulb used to be a big homeless camp but apparently they were all relocated as of June 2014. if you didn't know about it, i'm not sure you'd ever find it. Types Of Photography. very cool and imaginative. From the fall of 2013 through the spring of 2014, KALW’s “Crosscurrents” covered Albany’s official efforts to move people and campsites off the Albany Bulb, a former landfill in the East Bay. as you wander further it, there are lots of trails and eventually beautiful views of the bay and public art. "The Albany Bulb has acted essentially as a homeless shelter for the city of Albany for some time now, Sheehy said. The Albany Bulb, a former landfill ... “Even though they’re technically homeless, they don’t feel homeless living as part of this encampment. "The city's plans to, as they say, 'transition' the residents off the Bulb are really inadequate." Albany homeless sue ... Albany homeless sue over Bulb evictions. Albany Bulb is an environmental reserve which was a former art gallery and a dumping ground prior to that. She . 53 likes. They think it’s dangerous, it’s messed up, it’s dirty. It appears that a group of homeless people that were paid to go away simply got shuffled down the road. point, Albany stopped enforcing the no-camping ordinance, and tents and shacks again sprouted in the bushes. A few years ago, the Albany Police went into the Bulb and kicked out all of the bums, which massively increased the number of homeless in and around Albany, California and Berkeley, California. Eventually, Gio made his way to the Albany Bulb. ". Article from Now an estuarial habitat, The Albany Bulb (or The Bulb… “A few years back, my beautiful, precious teenaged daughter became severely addicted to methamphetamine, and she spent some time on the Bulb.” City of Albany Homeless Outreach and Engagement Program 2 1. It’s like a housing subdivision for the homeless, with winding dirt paths, scattered art projects – paintings, graffiti, art, and… homes. The Bulb is part of the City of Albany, and can be reached via Buchanan Street or the Bay Trail along the east side of San Francisco Bay. “I have to tell you how unsafe my daughter and I feel,” she told the council. The Bulb is the west end of a landfill peninsula jutting west from the east shore of San Francisco Bay. Soon, he found himself homeless. A number of different groups are prepared for a major fight to keep the Bulb intact, but powerful developers have their eye on this valuable piece of waterfront property.. The Bulb contains interesting forms of art created from the debris and quite a large population of homeless people. But it’s not dangerous. Homeless in Albany. it starts off as nice park with a beach area where lots of dogs play. After that, Gio, an African-American man in his late 40’s, couldn’t work, he couldn’t pay his bills, and didn’t answer his phone. The Albany Bulb or “the Bulb” as it has come to be known, is a small community of 40-60 homeless people that has been known over the years for its amazing permanent and semi-permanent works of art. Related Stories L.A. a samurai made out of scrap metal, a giant concrete tv, artist, dragon, and more. Then one day…” He goes on to tell us that he had a breakdown after finding out some devastating news regarding his family. Save the Albany Bulb. Yahoo News. Albany Bulb: Judge declines to block planned eviction of homeless Other Reference Albany Government home page. People have this idea about what it’s like here. That term has an unfortunate bias, and since the current conflicts over the Bulb are locally very much under political discussion, I've tried to revise the page with a less-biased term. More Maps - Bulb specific Poets from Albany Landfill Jimbow Bailey; Katrina Trea. By Megan Sallomi . Christina Lao, Victoria Le, Betty Nguyen, Kim Tran. Karl Hobart February 6, 2011 Enjoy the waterfront scuptures, constructed from metal, rubble and brikabrak! It housed homeless community for nearly 20 years. When the homeless community grew to the point to which it could no longer be ignored, the city decided to evict the homeless and destroy their makeshift homes. Plans are in the works to build a strip mall near the entrance and transform the natural park into a manicured foot path - sans art. Albany, Calif. — Police and Public Works officials arrived without notice the morning of Dec. 9 and announced over megaphones that residents of the Albany Bulb should come out of their homes. The City of Albany and some local volunteers are seeing firsthand just how difficult it can be. Homeless Camp bulldozed by absentee landowner (L.A.Times May 26, 1999) A Call for Compassion (L.A.Times May … Latest Stories. We had been together, living in Berkeley, for about a year and were tired of being harassed by police just because we were homeless. Albany Bulb is quite the hidden treasure. Albany officials have failed to create a single shelter bed or develop a single unit of affordable housing in the past 20 years of dealing with a large homeless encampment at the Albany Bulb. I cannot say that Phyl and I had “religious” reasons in mind when we first moved to the Bulb. The Albany Bulb (also simply known as The Bulb) is a former landfill largely owned by the City of Albany, in California. Since then, the homeless have started to return and to maintain the art again. May 20, 2014, 9:24 PM. Once again, this was all done by the homeless, who inhabited the Bulb. Reportage Photography .. My partner and I moved out here on October 31, 2006. It’s a really unique place. An Albany city spokeswoman said the city had not … Albany’s decision to cast the campers out would be a practical disaster and a moral outrage. The Albany Bulb is currently in danger of loosing its character. Outreach to and Engagement with Albany Bulb and other homeless Albany Residents, including information on Project HOPE and on all available safety-net services provided by BFHP and other … Art. Justin R. Cannon & The Rev. Albany was left with the landfill it had already created, an odd 33-acre heap known, because of its shape, as the Bulb. How has the homeless community transformed the cultural landscape of the Albany Bulb? Explore. Homeless found at underpass after kicked out at Albany Bulb. The Albany Bulb, an old landfill that juts out into the bay, has been called one of the Bay Area's quirkiest destinations because of the artwork dotting its landscape of rebar and concrete. From that point forward, the homeless and the artists moved in, and the Albany Bulb became a kind of artistic homeless commune paying host to some 60 souls at its peak . For a long time I have been bothered by references to the residents of the Bulb as "Homeless." For 20+ years, otherwise-homeless individuals called the Albany Bulb our Home. Photography. Sylvia Miller-Mutia Date: March 22, 2014 Nineteen Holy Hikers and four dogs traveled around the Albany Bulb, site of a former landfill and current homeless encampment. Despite their efforts, there are some remaining aspects … After the city stopped using the Bulb as a dump in the mid-1980s, homeless people moved onto the bulging peninsula, which features spectacular panoramic views. [View the story "Albany Bulb" on Storify ] The people who live on the Bulb don't consider themselves homeless. If I were homeless I would definitely call this area home. Read full article.