(Photo) The ship was filled with POWs that had been loaded from two other Hellships, the Brazil Maru and the Oryoku Maru. Enoura Maru. The Enoura Maru was sunk but the Brazil Maru made port in Moji, Japan on January 29, 1945 with only 500 of the original 1,619 POWs who began the ordeal a month and a half earlier. The Enoura Maru, which was en route from the Philippines to Japan, hadn’t been marked as having POWs on board so the pilots didn’t know they were attacking some of their own. 51-Brazil Maru) The Brazil Maru and the Enoura Maru: Finishing the Journey into Hell On December 27, the prisoners at San Fernando boarded the Brazil Maru and Enoura Maru and sailed for Takao, Formosa, Jack eventually made it on to the “Hellship” Oryoku Maru that left Manila late on December 13, 1944 carrying 1,619 POWs in its cargo holds. Nearly five years later, it carried Allied POWs. 1944/12/13. He survived the Bataan Death March and taken to the Cabanatuan POW Camp. It has been confirmed that West Virginians died on this ship. Many of these men were taken to Taiwan aboard Hokusen Maru in Oct-Nov 1944 and others on Oryoku Maru and Brazil Maru in Dec 44-Jan 45. The “Hellship Enuora Maru arrived at Takao Harbor at 9 Jan. 1945 and was Batson, Howard Marshall Jr. Fansler, Carl G. Brazil Maru - carried all surviving POWs of Oryoku Maru and Enoura Maru. A series of ships — the Oryoku Maru, Enoura Maru and Brazil Maru — transported what began as a group of 1,600 POWs to mainland Japan to be used as slave labor. Schade survived this ordeal only to be packed onto another hellship – the Enoura Maru – and sent to Formosa (modern-day Taiwan). Died. Fuku Maru was sunk by U.S. Navy aircraft in Subic Bay, in the Philippines, during September 1944, killing more than 1,200 British and Dutch prisoners. Following the bombing of the Oryoku Maru, those prisoners who survived were then put on board the Enoura Maru.Previously used to transport horses, the holds were filthy with manure, yet into these holds were crammed some 1,040 men with little room to sit down. The Enoura left the Philippines on 27 Dec 1944 and headed north. To Register please email me below, with your details & … Peart Diary-unusual diary of entire trip of the Oryoku Maru and following ships. His body was recovered and buried in … 1 talking about this. This page tells their story. Clyde Maru POW roster (complete 500/500) This roster contains the names of the 500 Americans sent from Manila to Moji, Japan, aboard the Clyde Maru from 23 July to 9 August 1943. (Records of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, RG 38) John M. Jacobs had been in Manila when the Japanese captured the Philippines in the early stages of World War II, and now, in 1944, he was a prisoner of war, or POW, in the Bilibid Prison in Manila. Enoura Maru: San Fernando, La Union: 12/27/44: Takao, Formosa: 12/31/44: 1070: Enoura was bombed (severely damaged, but not sunk) at Takao on 01/09/45 by US aircraft: 806 : Oite: vic. Both of their fathers became POWs of the Japanese in the Philippines during WWII and lost their lives on the Enoura Maru, one of the Japanese POW transport Hellships, in January of 1945. The prisoners were moved to the cargo ship Enoura Maru which steamed from the Philippines to Formosa, arriving on New Years Day. The ship was bombed by American planes off of the USS Hornet. Arizan Maru. A series of ships — the Oryoku Maru, Enoura Maru and Brazil Maru — transported what began as a group of 1,600 POWs to mainland Japan to be used as slave labor. The Missing Marines List represents nearly a decade of research. The men were transported by train from Moji station to camp Fukuoka 17 at Omuta, Kyushu, arriving on 10 Aug 1943. On the morning of 9 January 1945, the Enoura Maru was moored alongside a tanker in Takao Harbor, Formosa. 35, No. No survivors. Much of the material is the result of personal research. October 24th is the 75th Anniversary of the sinking of the hellship Arisan Maru in the Bashi Channel between Formosa and Luzon. Hellship Enoura Maru 1945; The Hump 1945; China 1945; Fights over or else over Siam (Thailand) 1945; Fights over or else over the Mariana Islands1945; Birma 1945; Planes crashed in the pacific oceans 1945