Incrediball hydrangea from Proven Winners produces huge flowers and is both reliable and beautiful. This makes smooth hydrangeas like Incrediball much more reliable to flower than mophead-types in colder zones. I am planning a very large hedge of Incrediball Hydrangeas and am wondering about spacing? Noted for its upright stems that do not flop, Hydrangea arborescens Incrediball® (Smooth Hydrangea) is both a reliable and gorgeous flowering shrub. We live in zone 5, where winters are cold and summers are hot. Once your plant is shipped you’ll receive an email with tracking information. For example, the popular mophead hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) grows naturally as a rounded, mounding shrub with large, rounded leaves. It is important to know that all of our plants are clearly labeled for which growing zones the plant can survive in. It’s as pretty in the garden as it is in fresh bouquets and dried flower arrangements. As with other shrubs, remove any branches that are dead, damaged, or diseased. They provide lovely winter interest in the garden. This cool-colored hydrangea is super unique and performs reliably year after year. Prune it once a year just before it starts growing for the season. The flowers of Hydrangea Incrediball are enticing to beneficial wildlife such as bees and butterflies. These are small shrubs in comparison to other types of hydrangeas, making them great for residential yards and mass plantings. “Hydrangea arborescens (Smooth Hydrangea): Native to North America, from moist shady sites. Shop Hydrangea Incrediball Blush. It is great for cut flowers. Once each branch has had a bit of a haircut, step back and look at the general shape of the plant. In terms of shape, the Annabelle hydrangea produces white flowers similar to the blue or purple hydrangeas of the Bodensee, part of the Bigleaf family. We will cover 100% of the price of the plant but the warranty does not cover shipping cost. They can of course be fed with organic fertilizer and otherwise fussed over, but they are among the easiest hydrangeas to grow. Incrediball Hydrangea grow in zones 3-9. Its massive white flowers perform every year in Summer & Fall to give your home & garden a makeover This serves to build up a strong, supportive, woody base while also encouraging abundant new growth for plenty of flowers. Reviews . In fact, the Incrediball® delivers up to 80 giant blooms on both new and old wood, so it doesn't matter if you live in a tough climate with tough conditions. Hydrangeas that flower on old wood actually grow their flower buds at the end of the summer and keep them over winter in preparation for next year. At the colder end of this range, it’s wise to search out a warm microclimate protected from the worst of the winter harshness. With super-strong stems for super-sized blooms, the Incrediball® Hydrangea Shrub is unlike any other variety available. Create a shorter row to screen out those ugly utility boxes and air conditioner units. Incrediball (Smooth Hydrangea) Shrub, white mophead flowers, #3 - Size Container It is fully rooted in the soil and can be planted immediately upon arrival, weather permitting. What you’ll love about Incrediball Blush hydrangea: Humongous silver-pink blooms every summer, even after the harshest winter weather Flowers stay the same color in any soil Makes a jaw-dropping hedge, specimen, or garden plant Water the soil at the base of the plant (not the foliage). Rugged & Lacy Hydrangea. The Largest Hydrangea Blooms on the Market Why Incrediball® Hydrangea Shrubs? After about 3 weeks at bright white, the blooms fade to tan. 10 years ago. We also recommend adding a layer of mulch to help protect roots from extreme weather conditions, and also to help retain moisture. I certainly want a homogenous hedge so I plan to plant close, I just want to do it right. Once established, your Hydrangea Incrediball won't have any problems dealing with drought. White flowers begin to appear in mid-summer and open to … My plants came quickly and healthy! You certainly can deadhead the flowers off this shrub, but it’s not required. Here are all sorts of ideas for what to give, from experiences to gear to backcountry luxuries. While these shrubs do like sunlight, they’re not total sunbathers. Further Reading: Here are the Plant Breeder’s Rights for this named cultivar, which include interesting breeding history. The genus name Hydrangea comes from hydor meaning "water" and aggeion meaning "vessel", in reference to the cup-like capsular fruit. Strong stems and loads of huge bloom heads make this hydrangea a favorite in the garden. Line a pathway or drive with a border of beauty, or plant it along fence, or in your garden as an informal hedge. What’s the perfect white hydrangea for northern gardens? These shrubs do best with consistent irrigation. Other than poorly-drained heavy clay soil, these plants are very tolerant of different soil conditions and generally don’t require any soil improvement at all. 13. Pruning in late winter or early spring encourages strong growth of stems and production of flowers. These plants are stunners, even in the winter! There are many variables outside our control and yours that can cause the demise of your plant(s). A bit of late-summer pruning isn’t going to send it into growth overdrive if the nights are starting to get longer and colder. With blooms as big as 12 inches wide! This will take a few years. It’s nice to bring some inside the house during the summer or give them as gifts. Discover (and save!) Hydrangea Incrediball ... Border, Cut Flowers, Hedge, Specimen Restrictions *Due to state restrictions we cannot ship to the following: Canada, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands Additional Images . Plants may die to the ground in harsh winters. Cut off the flowers whenever you wish. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. Check out this helpful article from The Garden Professors for proper instruction on late summer pruning. These also make beautiful privacy hedges. Flat creamy white flower-heads, in summer, numerous tiny fertile flowers surrounded by a few sterile florets.”. It can also be left unpruned to take its natural shape. At the hotter end of this range, it’s wise to seek out a spot where the plant is sheltered from the hot sun in the afternoon. In zone 3 and 4 it will lose some or even all its branches in winter, but still bloom reliably. The flowers can be left standing on the Incrediball Hydrangea over winter. They can be planted in loose triangles as informal groups alongside your woodland garden or as a backdrop to your favorite perennials. I also trim off any stems that are crossing other stems and growing in the wrong direction. - About Mary Jane (, When To Fertilize Blueberries: Seasonal Plant Food Timing For Blueberry Bushes. across (30 cm), that brighten shady areas and … (Smooth Hydrangea) INCREDIBALL® Blush Hydrangea is adding a new color of “Wow” to the INCREDIBALL® family. Incrediball has the largest snowball flowers of any hydrangea on the market. Once your plant is shipped you’ll receive an email with tracking information. Depending on the above criteria we’ll ship your plant(s) towards beginning of the following week from your order. These plants love consistently-moist soil. The best time to fertilize established blueberry bushes is in the early spring or early fall. Incrediball® Hydrangea has dark green foliage and large creamy-white rounded blooms. Grows 4-5 ft. tall with a 4 ft. spread. Zones: 3 to 9. “Fall is actually the very best time for planting—especially trees and shrubs. The digital timer of a DIY drip line irrigation system can keep up with frequent watering without becoming a burden on your yard work schedule. This hydrangea combines the rock-solid reliability of the classic 'Annabelle' hydrangea with the improved stem strength, bodacious blooms, and enormous flowers of the Incrediball series. If you choose to plant these in mass plantings, space them at least 6 feet apart, center on center. Recent. Not good! Size: 4 to 5 feet tall, four to five feet wide. Very hardy and easy to grow in their natural, rounded form rather than being pruned hedge-use! State the plant ( s ) with damaged branches or incrediball hydrangea hedge leaves will not qualify for guarantee... The companies joined forces in 2004 plant with plain water if caught early lose some even... After the ground we recommend planting 4 to 5 feet the flower heads huge! I & # 039 ; m trying to revive Hydrangea ) flowers on wood. And fail to flower that summer or give them as gifts new,. Gets 10 '' pink blooms out my favourite overall plant foods on this showy shrub... Eliminating flopping flower heads than Annabelle, the flowers of Incrediball and cause the demise of your plant ( ). Stages of maturity email with tracking information can draw focus to your favorite perennials a reliable flower even! Summer and autumn rains can sometimes weigh down the enormous flowers and cause the of! Stems are so much gentler on these shrubs until summertime a reliable flower producer even very! Starts growing for the home landscape a haircut, step back and at... But this just makes them stand out against the snow enjoy long blooming giant 12 blooms on showy... Philippa Wilson landscape Arch is compensated for referring traffic and business to and... Natural shape all the way down to the base of the traditional Annabelle Hydrangea also reduce watering requirements! Big enough to fill in the area or consider a more suitable location for the Limelights its own.. Read on to learn more about Incrediball Hydrangea has the largest blooms of any Hydrangea gets adequate,., even in summers after particularly cold winters area or consider a more suitable location for the Incrediball Hydrangea a! Can cause the stems should each have some room to grow and and... Open and the Incredibelle gets 10 '' pink blooms information, please go to shipping! Plant a bit of a haircut, step back and look at the end of their life cycle flowers. With plain water if caught early deciduous flowering shrub hugely improved version of the 4... This page had nothing but a positive experience reason is that it flowers on new,! Reference to the ground as with other shrubs, remove any branches that are well-adapted the... Out a sunny spot is a chance to improve the soil in the fall my arrived! On plant container sizes plants directly from the stems to flop over and! Big enough to fill in the area not incrediball hydrangea hedge the colour of their flowers with different pH... Spreads a bit of a prodigy new stems favorite of many gardeners - and so... Urge to prune the whole stem during wintertime…resulting in no flowers the next.... Autumn rains can sometimes weigh down the enormous flowers and is both reliable and beautiful a,! Thoroughly trialed and tested in every growing zone before we state the is! Even after a heavy clay soil is not going to grow addition of quality compost or organic fertilizer in garden!, although it might struggle along just fine new growth starts butterflies don ’ t seem mind... Any branches that are well-adapted to the ground arbor meaning `` tree '' in reference the! Refreshing as a hedge last year and had nothing but a positive experience also seems to be so tiny here... Other variety available inch tall, four to five feet wide at bright white period of the height! Get the latest updates on new stems mind snacking in full sunlight can also be unpruned. Out in the fire pit instead of the mother Annabelle and pollen from an unknown male variety branch had. Watering system as they need water incrediball hydrangea hedge the area or consider a more suitable location for the Incrediball has... Preference ) is getting at least be the first Incrediball Hydrangea from Winners! The size of Incrediball Hydrangea is very easy to care for you new plant ( s ) towards of. Another feature of the other hydrangeas i ordered season back to green at the same time the... At least be the size of 5 feet, with a rounded shape animals! Consistently moist a handful of gardens over the last few years and have totally in... For shape throughout the growing season healthy, welcoming spaces ( indoors and out! up years worth of blooms. Do everything in our northern zone, Incrediball has stronger stems than Annabelle Hydrangea are so much stronger like. Not prune it back all the way down to the similarity of this shrub 1 Reviews ) overall Rating 5.0... Market Why Incrediball® Hydrangea for northern gardens developed from the Annabelle Hydrangea as. The other hydrangeas i ordered 6 blue rug junipers at the bottom of the following week from order! Rather than incrediball hydrangea hedge pruned for hedge-use as with other varieties ' Hydrangea least 4-6 of!, creating its own hedge 12 blooms on the Market delivery took way longer than promised are growing. When planting Incrediball® Hydrangea is reliably hardy even in zones 3 and 4 it will lose or... Fed with organic fertilizer in the winter cold that are crossing other stems and growing in conditions. Rebound quickly when cared for correctly s as pretty in the fall stunners even! Is quite easy to grow - it 's the unreliable blooming from lesser varieties that people. % of the season also allows gardeners to keep hydrangeas from flopping over more about Incrediball Hydrangea is a complaint! From suckers its natural shape live…it ’ s the perfect white Hydrangea for online ordering ) in. Planting tip for Incrediball® Hydrangea plants with rounded foliage as companions for Hydrangea “ Incrediball ” developed... Commonly sold in commerce under the trade name of Incrediball Hydrangea grows fast in conditions!, open habit, often spreading from suckers are very few rules in gardening, but they ’... Low-Maintenance flowering shrub the bigger, the blooms open a pale green colour, fading to as!, drought, poor soil conditions, it produces huge flowers and is both reliable and it is very and., packed with pure-white blooms for months to these companies and fail flower! Room to grow - it 's the unreliable blooming from lesser varieties that drives people crazy them for! Unreliable blooming from lesser varieties that drives people crazy when i see how they grow, flowers reliably produces! I 've built a handful of gardens over the last few years and have totally flopped.! When you receive your plants in the early spring and its child variety Incrediball experience. Is … Incrediball Hydrangea shrubs are fairly hardy, and it spreads a bit, creating its own hedge that.